Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Life Lately

Dorothy has been experimenting with new hairdos, and I am here for it.  Literally.  Because I am the one who has to actually DO them. Her major contribution is not freaking out and telling me exactly what to do.  Which, I mean, is an important contribution.
 Fall for me means PATTERN MIXING.
 Actually, real talk, I never know exactly how to dress this time of year. It's still kind of warm, and there are a few summer things I'd like to stretch. But also, it gets chilly and fall looks so cozy.  I think yesterday was the last of our warm weather, so I will have no choice but to embrace boots and sweaters.

And!  All things witchy!  (Plus this cute Trader Joe's greeting card that I could not resist)

We had out holiday card pictures taken, and we decided to bring Beatrix along.  She loved it.  We talked about bringing her for a few days, and the kids asked us about it several times. We always said yes of course she can come and talked about how great it will be to have a picture on the wall with her in it..  Then, on the actual picture day, we worried that it might be too muddy for her on the prairie, so we talked briefly (and in private) about not actually bringing her.  But then!  When we were all dressed and ready to go, SHE CAME WITH US to the door, which is something she never does when we leave. So, we figured she heard our earlier conversations and knew she was invited.  How could we resist?
 I took Jack and Coper Halloween costume shopping, which is a mistake I will not repeat again (but of course I will).
 They also came with me to the grocery store.  Blergh.
 Limping across the Whole 30 finish line
 I finally had enough willpower to make cookies and not eat the dough.  And usually a batch of dough makes 36 cookies for me.  This one made 45.  I blame my dough abstention. 
 The kids entrained themselves nicely during my meeting this week.
 I think they are writing "the teacher is gone" **shrug**

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