Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Fall family photos!

It's fall family picture season DAMNIT.

This year to challenge myself, Ben and I decided to buy exactly nothing new for ourselves, and we let all of the kids pick out whatever the hell they wanted with no consideration for theme or matching.  RISK TAKERS, right?

We booked with an awesome local photographer, met her in a gorgeous location, and enjoyed the most efficient photo shoot in recent memory.

And the pics!  Look at them!

So, since I am all about CHECKING ALL OF THE THINGS OFF MY LIST, I decided that since I had these amazing family photos, I would see if there were any great card deals right now, and I found one.

I made a holiday card right away-- like, spent the 90 minutes that I usually do work before the kids get up making cards-- and then hemmed and hawed about ordering them because the site wasn't offering free shipping in conjunction with any other deals, which totally rubbed me the wrong way.  Amazon Prime has made me hate to pay for shipping in all contexts.

  I spent my drive to work complaining to THREE customer service agents about the free shipping bait and switch, but when I got to my office, I ordered the cards anyway.

Not only did Ben make fun of me for ordering them so early, he also was like I bet they jacked up their prices and then did a fake discount to get all the sucklers like you-- he is so sweet to me.  And then he said casually, I hope you don't have any typos.

I didn't think much of this conversation until10:30 at night in shower when I was like OH MY GOD I DIDN'T PUT JACK'S NAME ON THE CARD.  I leapt out of the shower and ran to check my digital proof, and sure enough, I signed everyone's name-- EVEN THE DOG'S-- but not Jack's.

I called customer service, who first told me that my order was already in process and then took pity on me and issued credit on my account so I could order them again for free.  The only rub? I HAD TO PAY SHIPPING.  AGAIN.


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