Friday, October 25, 2019

More perfect fall perfection

At first, when we changed our Sunday afternoon plans from ice skating to hiking in the arboretum, the kids were maaaaaaaaaaad.  Dorothy cried, "A hike is just a WALK."  And, of course, she's not wrong.
 But they came around because that's how gorgeous everything was.
 Dorothy's leaf bouquet:
 (she also loves a good walking stick)

 Sometimes just a walk is actually perfect.

 This would totally be my new profile picture I I had plans to ever replace the pic of my dad and me in our bunny ears on Easter, which I don't.
 Wore his school shoes inadvisedly but did heed constant advice to avoid the mud:

I just peeked at the Halloween weather forecast, and it's supposed to hover juuuuuust above freezing on the big day, which is a bummer for a couple of reasons: neither Dorothy nor Jack will have any hope of being warm in their costumes and also I don't eat candy anymore, but I was going to lift that ban for ONE DAY OLY, so I need them to get a big haul.  I will forever be a fat little kid at heart.

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