Monday, January 07, 2019

Finally! Museum material!

I think that our spring break trip to DC may have ruined museums for us forever.

We met up with old friends in Chicago and took the kids to the Museum of Science and Industry.  And it was so fun-- great to see our friends; the kids loved it, and we went out for lunch and had fun there, too.  But! The museum?  As awesome and beautiful as it was?  Was just not as cool as anything we saw in DC. 

We dd learn, though, that our kids are finally worth the price of admission, so we are excited to go to Milwaukee and explore their museums, too.

An old trolley.  Big hit.
 Cooper would have stayed at the weathter exhibit all day.  Tornadoes are his jam.
 Another big hit?  The ice cream parlor.
 Astro Dorothy!
 On the way to lunch in Lincoln Park

Museum conquerors.

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  1. get a family membership to the madison childrens museum and through the affiliate museums you can get in free at the chicago science and industry and the milwaukee public museum. basically it pays for itself.