Sunday, January 06, 2019

Can it be break forever?

Note:  This post is published on the day the kids all go back to school (YESSSSSS), but I wrote it on Friday when everyone was still sitting around in jammies fighting all day.

I have no right to look this pissy about going to a movie.  I understand this.  And yet.

 i have really been making an effort to imporve my pancake writing skillz.

 Can you even tell that she did her own makeup??
I am, as you know, a creature of habit, and I really do crave a routine.  In that regard, I am excited for school to return and bring with it a sense of order and normalcy.  Also, I have booked a ton of self-maintenance appointments for the first 3 days the kids are back in school.  But seriously  These lazy days of books and fighting kids an late nights?  Have been magical.

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