Friday, January 11, 2019

Laptop no more

Oh man. My laptop is toast. 

My department’s tech expert cannot salvage the data from my SSD. On Monday he is taking it to a 3rd party for possible data extraction, and I have to get a new computer. I am blogging this on my phone because my other computer is older than half of the kids and I don’t even want to try with the pictures. 

It has been a year since my last back up. 

I have no exams for my large lecture class. 

If I think about all of my lectures, I am definitely going to cry. 

I am a moron for not backing up more frequently. 

But! My outlook is fairly sunny, all things considered. I think that’s because I did acupuncture this week and nothing can harsh my zen. Nothing! I will tell you all about it when I don’t have to type with my thumbs. 

But you guys! I am getting so good at the pancake writing:

I had a fairly  comfortable procedure at the doctor’s office today (another story for another day, too) and I saved myself some pancake batter for this lovely set up when I got home:

Think good data extraction thoughts, friends. 

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