Thursday, January 17, 2019

Back to work week 1

This was a perfect way to eases back into the semester.  I started the week with a 2-day seminar on Monday and Tuesday all day.  Then I had assorted administrative tasks on Wednesday and led a full day of meetings today.  Tomorrow is just odds and ends, and the students come back next week.

This week I:

  • Kept up with house work.
  • Read a ton of books.
  • Cooked dinner every night and came in under budget grocery-wise, even with a few lunches out
  • Adjuncted online with relative efficiency.
  • Was generally pleasant to my family, despite being a bit stressed out.
  • Wasted a bit of time online.

This week I did not:

  • Stay on top of my fitness goals.

There were days when I only drank coffee and wine-- no water at all.  There were days that I ate way out of my eating window and basically abandoned the whole concept of intermittent fasting.  There were days when I used my elliptical as a sanding desk, which is not really a workout. So, next week, I need to get back on the fitness horse with water, 5 or more servings of fruits and veggies, and also EXERCISE that makes me sweat.

  • Write my book.

So, listen.  I lost about 50 pages in the computer disaster, but I haven't been making good progress for awhile now. It could be maybe that the computer disaster if for the best/isn't as bad as it appears on the surface.  But also that could be wishful thinking.

  • Take very many pictures

I think this is because I feel so bummed about my computer, and it's so hard to do anything with pictures on this old thing.  But!  I finally turned on Messages (which was an ordeal and please don't let this thing crash before I get a new one), and now I am back in the mundane business of documenting my food.

This salad, though:
Dorothy gave herself a makeover:

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