Sunday, January 06, 2019

What We're Eating This Week 1/52

Pizza, nachos, donuts.  (I KNOW)
Out for hockey
Slow cooker potato soup, green beans, salad
PW mac and cheese, apple slices, broccoli, PW triple chocolate cookies
Spaghetti and marinara, caesar salads, garlic bread, sliced peaches
Deli sandwiches, chips, slaw, etc
Instant pot lo mein with air-fried egg rolls and crab rangoon, sliced oranges

In 2019, I want to

  • Try new recipes! 
  •  Eat at home EVEN MORE OFTEN than we did in 2018! 
  •  Feed the kids more fruits and veggies (which is why most nights have both fruit and veggies.  I also always give them fruit for breakfast, and I put fruit and veggies in their lunches.  I am going to make sure I do 2 servings for dinner and offer fruit right after school as well).  

One big food goal is to cook more for the kids on nights Ben is late with meetings and practices.  He did a good job of this in the fall when I taught a night class, ad I want to follow his lead into the new year.

 Any 2019 feeding the family goals for you?

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