Friday, January 25, 2019

Back to work week 2

See what happens when I don't post everyday?  Suddenly, it has been A WHOLE WEEK.  Almost.  Three days.  Whatever.  I live at the edge of a hyperbolic cliff and am one good slippery slope fallacy from disaster basically all of the time.  As you know by now.

I am determined to avoid squandering this semester like I did last semester, so I have been trying really hard to get my ish together on all fronts.  I would say the results are, um, mixed at best.  I need a pedicure really bad, you guys.  And I timed my post-lecture acupuncture appointment perfectly, but then I got to my car and realized I left my car keys in the office, ad it is a good 10 minute mince from the top of the parking garage to the 6th floor of my building in the ice and snow, so I had to cancel, and I AM NOT FEELING VERY BALANCED.

On the plus side, this week I:

  • Was at work before 9 am everyday, which was YUGE for my productivity
  • Got everything done I needed to get done, even though the ids were off Monday and Friday for MLK/teacher in-service and had  snow day on Wednesday
  • Was totally pleasant to my family this week and practiced being the all-time default parent for when that shit-show starts up next week
  • Scheduled childcare without freaking out even though I was pretty stressed about the whole thing
  • Made social plans with lots of different people, even though I really would rather just stay home and watch trash TV and eat junk food
  • Worked out everyday
  • Stuck to my fast except one hour one day
  • Got way better at prepping the next day the night before, including running and extra load of wash after the kids take showers and making sure all of the dirty dishes are put away before I go to bed.

On the minus side I:

  • Did not do any maintenance house work all week besides the usual make beds/ wipe down bathrooms/clean the kitchen that is just part of being an adult and living in a space.
  • Am dreading my weekend of yoga so much even though I know I well feel better when I do it.  I can't figure what's going on here.  I really do LIKE yoga and I think the practice of it is really good for me in ways I can see and feel almost right away
  • Forgot to take my vitamins all week
  • Got super crabby with the kids in the middle of writing this because they wouldn't back off and let me do an hour of work and run on the elliptical.  This is an ongoing source of frustration to me.  They are all big enough to be self sufficient, and they have no problem leaving Ben alone when he has work to do.  But no one will back off me, EVER.
  • Did the mindless stare and scroll on the couch way later than I should have almost every night because I was just too tired to get up and get ready for bed.  I need to get back into the habit of putting on my PJs and washing my face BEOFRE I settle down to read and veg for the night.  This would help me go to bed earlier because I wouldn't dread the act of getting off the couch and doing all of the things.
  • Neglected my daily to-do lists, which help me feel really organized, especially when I am working in my office.
  • Did not open my book project for even one hot second.

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