Thursday, January 31, 2019

Back to work week 3


So funny.

Snow and cold killed this WHOLE WEEK, and the kids and I have been together every second of everyday, and since Harry and Cooper enjoyed playing with friends yesterday out of the house, it looks like we will be hosting this afternoon.

But!  I worked with my TA to figure out how to move forward virtually in my large lecture class.  And!  The Voice memo app that comes on an iPhone is an EXCELLENT tool for recording an audio file.  Not only could I export it as an mp4, which was easy to play on iTunes, but I could also post it as a streaming file on our campus learning management system.  WINNING!

I had FUN with my kids everyday, and we came up with lots of unique ways to have fun and get our energy out.

I got everything done that I needed to get done (I have 2 books that I NEED to read for a meeting tomorrow, but I think I can handle that, even with a basement full of boys), and I have just not stressed out.

It turns out that Ben's new job is a lot like intermittent fasting for me.  He is NOT AVAILABLE between 8-6, and that's so much easier for me to mentally handle than the idea that he is here but also have work to do-- does that make sense?

One more snow day and then maybe school tomorrow.  cross your fingers for us here on the frozen tundra.

Oh!  One more worky thing I did-- I realized that since the kids and I do not have the same spring break (and Ben doesn't have spring break at all, which is tragic in terms of our adorable little cheesy trips we like to take), I would need someone to watch them while I teach over break.  LITTLE GYM CAMPS!!  GENIUS!

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