Monday, October 16, 2017

The Wheels on the Bus

On Friday, I had the pleasure (and I say that in all seriousness because spoiler alert, it really was a pleasure) of going to a pumpkin patch with Cooper;s completely precious kindergarten class,

It was my favorite kind of day-- gloomy so the apples and pumpkins really popped and cold enough for a sweater but not really cold at all.

Cooper wanted me to ride the bus with him because he has never in his special snowflake little life ridden a bus before.  I have to tell you, I was hesitant because a screaming bus full of five- and six-year-olds sounds awful and because my claustrophobia is no joke these days.  I knew I would be kind of freaked out sitting on the bus with all the windows up and the door closed NOT MOVING in front of school.  And I was, but it was OK because of the aforementioned screamy kids.

 I love all things apple and pumpkin and this particular orchard/patch is a favorite of ours, so I was as excited as the kids to go in the back room and see how they choose apples for cider versus for sale and how they squish the hell out of the cider apples.
 The walk-in apple cooler smelled so mamzing that I wasn't even scared when the farmer shut the door.
 Then we got to go on a hay ride!  The farmer said she might not have room for the parents, so I was like SWEET I can go shopping instead.
 But then she DID have room for me.  Phew!
 The views were lovely.
 Bees!  The farmer told the kids they are the real workers on the farm.
 This place has a u-pick garden!  Can't wait to go back this weekend.
 The only apple picking the kids did was out of this bushel
 But they clearly loved it anyway/
 Apples are so lovely.
 It as so cute to watch the kids eat the apples!
 Pie pumpkin!
 I LOVE pie pumpkins because I love pie!
 Luckily, I did get a chance to go to the apple store.
 The kids also had fun terrorizing chickens.
 A note about shoes!  Cooper loved the $14 Amazon velcro ones!  Thank goodness!  So!  I also bought him a pair of Uggs and will have him leave the blue ones in his locker for gym and we never have to worry about shoes or socks again until the first thaw which at this rate will be like June!  Yay!

On the way back to school, the whole bus burst into a spontaneous rendition of "The Wheels on the Bus," and it was the cutest thing that has ever happened in the history of the world.

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