Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Jack is 9.5!! And I am tired.

I have seen a number of articles in my FB feed lately (and, no, I cannot find them right now) about the importance of sleep/the particular American tragedy of chronic sleep deprivation.  And I see myself in them.  I am always tired, and I have no good reason to keep me up at night. So!  I am going to fix it.  The problem, though, is that I am used to getting up early to work from 5-6:40-ish and I really miss those extra 100 minutes.  Which is how come, for example, I wrote yesterday's blog post this morning.  It's a work in progress.

Can you find the oatmeal on the floor in this pic?  I LOVE MY FLOOR.
 We went to my parents' house this weekend to take family pics on the Bradley campus.  The boys watched the Cubs lose their first game.
 We got up BRIGHT AND EARLY on Sunday to dress is coordinating colors and experience the frigid temps together as a family.
 Almost cute.
 We took warm up candids at my parents' house, and the kids were hard to wrangle.
 Also, Dorothy was getting sick and was practically transparent.
 Yesterday!  Jack's half birthday! SO we celebrated with half a cake.
Do you guys remember when he was only a half?  I do.

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