Friday, October 13, 2017

Lunch date

 Why yes, yes I do wake up this glamorous.  LOL LOL LOL.

Dorothy ad I had another day together because an unexpected meeting for Ben caused me to spend 2 hours mid-day picking up Dorothy and taking her to lunch with me.  A ROUGH JOB but somebody has to do it.  (Actually, it did sort of harsh my buzz because I had a lunch planned with a friend and her 11-month-old, and it was just supposed to be us and the baby, which would of course be quiet and delightful, 2 words you cannot use to describe a 4 year-old at a damn restaurant).
 We got a coffee first.
 And made a quick stop at the library.

I mean, I always play on the table, don't you?
 After lunch, we had a cupcake, and Ben met us at the bakery, which is when Dorothy realized she was going home with him and no back to work with me.  Oops.

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