Thursday, October 12, 2017

Day of the girl child: the mindless consumption edition

Yesterday was the International Day of the Girl Child, so I celebrated mine by taking her to see My Little Pony: The Movie  and buy some fast fashion for picture that probably violates all manner of ethical guidelines because HOW ELSE COULD IT BE SO CHEAP.  So did I do it?  Is America great again?

Speaking of fast fashion, I am a repeat offender because I also went to H&M this week.  She doesn't even care that this dress is so big you can see all the way inside the sleeves and it barely skims the top if her boots.  So, that's awesome.  Also it was COLD yesterday and she had a Northface rain coat and fleece.  But, alas.
 She got a certificate, even, because the marketing for this movie is ON POINT.
 She tried on a billion dresses and went with the cap sleeved leopard number, accessorizing at home with a leopard headband and leopard tights-- all slightly different patterns I LOVE HER SO MUCH.
 She always poses with the headless friends on the way out.
Seriously you guys.  That movie.


I mean YES, we both fell asleep in the middle and didn't miss the 25-40 minutes we snoozed through.  And YES it was hackneyed and just like the cartoon.  But.  Friendship is magic, and sisters are doing it for themselves.  These are some feminist ponies, you guys, and the message that girly is powerful is a great one. I hate the impulse to decry princess culture in favor of sportsball and to roll our eyes at girls in pink and encourage them to dress more like boys.  I LOVE the simultaneous embrace and subversion of hegemonic femininity though.  I mean, can a mass-market movie be subversive?  Maybe.  I just wish I had taken Cooper.  Because girls aren't the only ones who need to see ass-kicking glitter sparkles and hear about the power of kindness, you know?

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