Monday, November 22, 2010

Dr. Harry

Professor Harry lecturing with his creepy little hand.

(After he was done drawing on the board this weekend in the very official tab room of Ben's speech tournament, I boxed off his squiggles and wrote SAVE above them-- do you think they are still there, confusing the shit out of some lecturer today? I hope so).


  1. LOL!! Love it! Look at him nonchalantly leaning against the board. He's totally going to walk out of there with chalk on his bottom just like a real professor!

  2. Anonymous7:32 PM

    That is just awesome!

    I also love to write "save" on things, or pin random papers I found in the classroom on the bulletin boards next to the chalkboard. (Sometimes I write things like "Do NOT discard until Dec. 2015" on them.) :)