Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wish List

Today at breakfast (which I attended after sleeping an extra hour by myself after the kids joined us at 6:20, and Ben rolled out of bed, gathered his quilt, and took them downstairs to watch a movie for awhile-- best.husband.ever.), we went around the table and everyone said what they'd like to do to make their Saturday perfect.

Jack: go to his favorite park and play. We can bundle up and do that.

Me: go to the gym. Check- the childcare room opens at 8, and there's a fantastic library book and an elliptical machine screaming my name

Harry: watch the iCarly/jack Black special that was on Nick last night on demand while he eats lunch. No problem, little buddy.

Ben: make a nice dinner-- we're thinking a roast and then we'll make the leftovers into italian beef sandwiches later in the week. Yum.

How nice that we can make all of our wishes come true and we didn't even need Harry Potter's magic wand.

(Whenever Harry plays Harry Potter, Jack says that he's Jack Potter and calls me Mommy Potter, which totally cracks me up.)

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  1. What a nice day! I think we may need to make a crock pot roast for sandwiches for dinner. Sounds yummy.