Saturday, November 13, 2010

Scholastic book orders sure have changed

Harry and Jack's are totally online now, although their teachers still hand out the good old flyer (you know the one-- it hasn't changed since you were in school). We perused the flyer at the coffee shop after school the other day, and in the morning before Jack woke up, Harry and I placed our online order.

I was such an old lady about the whole thng-- found the website really hard to navigate and had to call customer service twice- once because I couldn't find my ten-digit customer number and once because I pushed "send" too many times and ordered 5 of my shopping cart. D'oh.

When we selected our books-- chapter books for Harry, a bunch of interminable Dora books for Jack, some blended holiday books, and a few funny stories from my childhood that I'm excited to read-- I thought about all the quiet bedtimes these books will bring with them, fat little fingers that point to the pages and lisping, lilting voices that will ask plot questions, soft, damp heads that smell like lavender, and smooth, shiny cheeks pressed against mine, sweet dreams surely to come.


  1. I love Scholastic. I'm already a sucker for buying books, and with Scholastic--dude sometimes they're one dollar!!!!!!

    I still make the teacher's take my hand written order and my check and mail it in. Partly I do it because I'm lazy and partly, I'm just lazy.

  2. I think if you have a PhD and can't figure out a website, then it's the website's fault. Seriously.

    Yay for new books!

  3. Some websites just aren't set up that well. End of story.

    I am torn between buying the kids more books and just renting - at least until they are older and can do some of the reading themselves. Oh the decisions to be made! (although books are on their Christmas lists - I gladly accept them as presents)

  4. Hey there- I found you because it's lazy Sunday morning and I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant and came across your post about peeing your pants when you thought your water broke ;))) Thank you for the laugh!! I will now be MUCH more careful when my 'water breaks' ....

  5. My favorite part about the scholastic book ordering is that Izzy is so thrilled to have "a magazine" of her very own, that she doesn't even realize what it's for and I never have to spend any money buying books. Not that I begrudge the money spent on books, of course. but at the moment they are still more into laying their library out on the ground and walking on it as a bridge than actually sitting still and quietly and reading. I look forward to the day that changes.

  6. love getting those flyers! And I agree w/ Becca; if you can't figure out the site, its the site--not you!