Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My chain of fools

In the car on the way to school, I couldn't bring myself to start playing holiday music (don't worry-- not only am I over THAT silly reluctance, I am searching for tons of new songs to get us in the Chrismukkah spirit on iTunes every time I take a break from my ludicrous to-do lists which might be less ludicrous if I took fewer breaks), but I also didn't want to hear anymore Monster Mash or Purple People Eater.

I randomly played my Monday Morning playlist-- the one I like to listen to while I am cleaning out the hellhole that is my inbox when I get to the office and scribbling a brand new list for the day in my Moleskine-- and a few seconds into Chain of Fools (Aretha), I heard a little voice piping in from the backseat and looked in the rearview to see Harry happily joining the chorus while Jack kicked his not-quite-baby feet into the passenger seat.

They even danced amicably through the next song (Bonnie Raitt's Papa Come Quick) and clapped joyfully when their favorite Beatles tune (All Together Now) came up just as we were pulling into the preschool parking lot. Harry didn't even mind when Jack got all of the words wrong. Everybody sings songs differently, he told me. Songs don't mean the same thing for everyone.

I love my tolerant little backup singers, even more because I know that someday they'll just want shaving cream and to be left alone.


  1. Michelle M.10:20 AM

    Love the amount of rhetorical wisdom Harry has at such a young age. Future debater, rhetorician, CA 100 T.A.? I think so. :o)

  2. I love hearing little voices in the backseat singing songs that I've grown up with and love. The other day, Elisabeth asked for Elvis and Julia was jamming to the Mamas & the Papas. Lurve.

    And Harry is so right. Songs *do* mean something different to everyone!!! so wise.

  3. I LOVE it when they sing! Yesterday I got Wes to sing along with a Bruce Springsteen song using our coffee scoop as a microphone. They're so sweet right now, aren't they? I mean, they can be.

  4. My son sang along to "Take On Me" by AHA this mornig. (mostly the high notes) It was pretty cool.