Thursday, November 04, 2010

Early to Bed

Yesterday my kids really bugged.

Harry woke up the whole house with a bad dream at 3:30 and while he and Ben managed to go right back to sleep, Jack and I were up for the duration.

Around 5:30, I took Jack's temp. 101. Awesome and too bad I didn't think of that sooner because Tylenol broke it right away and he may have gone back to sleep except that Ben and Harry were just waking up.

It's supposed to snow here(!), so after swim lessons the kids and I went to their favorite playground the take advantage of the 50 degree temps. This playground has a bunch of Little Tikes vehicles that are typically locked up, but miracle of miracles, they were unlocked. Unfortunately, both kids only wanted the same Cozy Coupe, and they had a fistfight on the sidewalk so we had to go home (and by go home I mean I had to carry one hysterical kid and lead the other screaming mess by the hand all the way to the car. special magical moments).

But do you know what I am happy about? Salad. Crisp, fresh, organic salad that Ben and I topped with grilled chicken and ate tonight with huge glasses of wine and baked potatoes, after the kids went to bed. And I also went to bed, before 9.


  1. my Jack was a whiny horror yesterday too, although without the sympathy benefit of having a fever or any sickness of any kind. Add in my cat being hit by a car (she's ok), and breaking my tv and you can promise I was also curled up after bedtime with an alcoholic beverage. It would have been wine too, except my mom is in town and I didn't want her to see me drink an entire bottle by myself. Hope today goes better!

  2. There must be something in the water. When I picked Dean up yesterday, his teacher said he had a problem with his "listening ears" all day. He also threw a flailing fit last night over not wanting to put on pajamas. He rared back and hit my cheekbone with his head. Today I look as though I was in a bar fight.

    Hope everyone shapes up! (Our day has been much better today.) Also hope Jack feels all better.

  3. Your dinner sounds amazing! Enjoy the snow. The first one is always so special!!

  4. Dude, MY kids were magical special snowflakes all day long. What's the problem that yours can't be too? Bwahahaha!

    Man, been there and been there and done it three times over. I think our day yesterday was somewhat as shitty in that Emmie refused to stop jumping in the big part of the cart at the Container Store, so I told her we weren't going to Target. Cue the hysterics, on both our parts.

  5. I love/hate days like that - the ones where the daytime hours are torture and then they go to bed early and you get quiet time with the hubby. If only there were more perfect days -nice playing during the day and still going to bed early!