Saturday, January 03, 2009

We're the worst house guests EVER, but doesn't Jack look cute crawling?

Not only can you see Jack crawl in this video, but you can also glimpse the chaos we unleashed upon my parents' house. We also demanded that my brother Ben clean his bathroom, my brother Jon relinquish his room to Harry, and my parents board their dog at the kennel. Then we put our kids to bed at 7 pm each night, and got really pissy when anybody made a single peep of noise after 7-- going so far as to make everyone eat dinner in the basement, so the clinking of forks and plates would not disturb our precious angels. And then we all woke up at 6 am and let Jack pound on the floor with his bilingual maracas while Harry played a song on his new recorder (you asked for it, Jon, with those presents), saying, "My you're up early today," when each member of my family, one by one, stumbled into the kitchen rubbing their eyes and groping for coffee. We also didn't pick up after ourselves before we left, borrowed all the pillows in the house to wall jack into the bed since he refused to sleep in the crib, forced my parents to assemble and provide batteries for all the kids' Hanukkah toys, and managed to forget all manner of little socks, special blankies, and Wii games, so my parents are going to have to ship us a package. Makes you want to invite us to spend a few days, doesn't it?

Jack Crawls from sarah on Vimeo.


  1. Anonymous6:35 PM

    we've been waiting for the newest pictures..thank you, Jack is doing quite a job of crawling so quickly..please send some more pictures or videos..they make us very happy, Grampa Jack and Bomma

  2. Sounds like Thanksgiving, where we took over the master suite and occasioned three trips to CVS in an hour long period for infant tylenol, a thermometer, and a nasal aspirator, and then took over the On Demand so the whole family could enjoy round the clock Blues Clues for my snotty and very irritable toddler. We should vacation together!

  3. Okay - my mom was vocal about our being bad guests because I never cleared AJU5's tray (because most of the time she would eat more in less than an hour - why waste the food!). At least it sounds like your family was willing to deal with the situation.

  4. Anonymous2:14 PM

    I LOVE the panting and babbling! Jack's, I mean!

    Such a BIG crawler!

  5. Hilarious! You should come visit, we can all sit in silence after 7 pm and watch the TV. No, not listen to the TV, but just watch it.

    Usually I pick something visually appealing or else it's just a waste of time.