Monday, January 08, 2024

Bad shopping, mild stomach bug, lots of hockey: a weekend

 Minnie went to preschool for the first time since NOVEMBER on Wednesday, January 3. She was throwing up by early morning on Saturday, January 6.

(She threw up in my hair. TWICE.)

Let’s see… what else? I am a bad internet shopper. I tried to buy Dorothy a dance bag on Friday, but the company’s website was down. I tried SEVERAL TIMES though because the error message was vague. I found a similar bag at a local store, and Ben bought it (LAST OINE!! NO RETURNS!!) on Saturday on his way to hockey. I thought all was fine.

But then! Last night! We got a charge from the OG company. Just one. SO FAR. I have a message an email, and a voicemail in to their customer service and plan to call the bank or set thing. (No conformation email, no order showing up on my account on the website, etc— nothing to indicate anywhere that I actually ordered a bag, just the charge). I would hate it if all several of my attempts go through and I have to be like oh sorry kids, I am not scheduling our spring break trip until I sell some dance bags on FB marketplace. Kidding. Sort of.

On Saturday, I stayed home with our puker who was confined, like Beatrix used to be, to only wipeable surfaces— NO CARPET, no cloth upholstery. Harry and Jack had a mock speech tournament at their school and then volunteer shifts in the hockey concession stand. Ben, Coop, and Dorothy went to 2 hockey games at 2 different venues.

Minnie thought it would be fun to search the house for all of our Little Golden books and then read them all, and it WAS!!

So cozy!!

She said I remind her of Peter Rabbit’s mom

I even got to read a teeny bit of mine
She stopped throwing up before lunch time and felt mostly better by afternoon, as you can tell by the mess. A roll of paper towels bought me at least 30 pages of quiet reading time. And then a few more pages while she picked it all up

No fever. I feel ok so far… **shrug**

I joined Ben and Dorothy for Sunday’s early morning hockey game, and so did Minnie

Then she and I came home to hang out with Jack and Harry, make monster cookies, and clean a little while Ben, Dorothy and Cooper picked up groceries and soldiered on to Coop’s 4th game of the weekend (his team won 3/4, and Cooper scored in every game— so fun to watch him play).
I also freaking forgot all about writing for 24 minutes a day, so I wrote for 4 on Sunday (you can either do 24 or 2-4 for the challenge, so I figured adding 2-minute spurts for any day I miss during the week at the end of the week will satisfy my need to not break the chain). BUT, I think figuring out how to honor myself as a writer is what this challenge is about for me, and I am going to really work on this. I could have written instead of baking, and that’s on me, not my family for needing me, which is the story I usually tell myself.

A few randoms:

Harry at his team’s mock speech meet, as shot by jack, who says Harry’s oratory is so good it is going to win state and that is how you little-brother **heart eyes**

I am ready for valentine colors
I really wanted to go to hockey to use my new blanket! I can’t deal with blanket textures getting dirty or being in dirty places, but this is parka-like and PERFECT!!
She was so happy unless she was puking, when she jumped around in a circle like a little oscillating sprinkler of vomit.
Aaaaaall day
She’s back to kitchen painting. I am here for it.


  1. Ohmygoodness the nonstop bugs at that age. Argh. I'm screaming into the void for you and remembering this like it was yesterday. Seriously. My daughter's first day of preschool - FIRST DAY EVER - she was home at noon after throwing up.

    Hope it's very shortlived, there is no fever, and no one else gets it.

    I had a similar issue with obscure error messages, but it was about a banking decision. In the end, I did the procedure twice and ended up overdrawing our account (we were trying to invest in a high-interest account, but in the end I put the amount in TWICE). It was such a pain in the butt to deal with that. It took WEEKS to get it sorted and I was very miffed.

  2. Yes, Sarah--I wonder how I didn't see that before... You look *exactly* like Peter Rabbit's mom. LOL

    Aw, poor Minnie (and you all!). Fingers crossed that the virus is gone already.

  3. I have a friend who has a pre-school aged kid whose kid has never missed school. The kid must have immune system made of steel because he never gets sick. I think it's crazy how some kids are sick all the time and some never are (sometimes in the same house!). Poor Minnie getting the short end of the immune system stick.

    1. I think it would happen whenever she started care. so if your friend sent their baby to care, maybe the baby got sick, you know, and as a preschooler, they've built up a defense?

  4. "Oscillating sprinkler of vomit" HAAAA and also NOOOOO. Angus always used to ask for juice in a trembling voice that would let us know to stand clear. Eve was a champion at only puking in the toilet from when she was tiny.
    I love the days of dragging out all the books or all the toys and reading or playing all day.
    Lmk if we have to hate-bomb the dance bag company.

  5. OMG another illness? Gah. You guys cannot catch a break. Dare I say the boys have both been healthy for a couple of weeks. Your poor pandy baby is being put through the ringer!! Sheesh.

    I got a 5 year journal and have not been great at writing in it each night. It's pretty easy to catch up but ideally I would like to write at the end of each day. Habits are tough to form!

  6. Blargh not a stomach bug!!!!!!!!!

    I think trying to find a way to honor yourself as a writer is super important. Something I struggle with ON THE DAILY. Some people really thrive with the "write X words every day" and that has never been me, but maybe I need to give it another go.

    The dance bag situation is so stressful! I hope it all works out in your favor. SHEESH.

    And I hope everyone else stays healthy!!!!

    1. I should know better than to keep trying when a website is down LOL

  7. OMG I cannot believe Minnie is sick again!! You are such a warrior for handling it all not to mention your other 4 kids, household, career, etc. Oof. We keep 2 of the parka/sleeping bag type blankets in our car and they are the best! so easy to wipe off and machine washable!

  8. Any lingering nostalgia I had for the Littles phase has been nullified by the memory of MONTHS of GI-related exile. Sydney and I were talking about love and vomit and neither of us could remember the last time a family member puked. These are my halcyon days

  9. OMG so sorry about the vomit. I remember clearly what a milestone it was when the kids figured out how to get to the toilet before barfing. What a glory day that was.
    Also aieeeeeee about the dance bag mishap. My son ordered my husband a day planner for Christmas and FIVE came, but he seems to only have been charged for one, so now we have a plethora of day planners.

  10. I love the brotherly praise at speech. That's awesome. Sorry about the stomach bug. In your hair? Twice? Eek. I laughed at the paper towel situation. I'm glad you had the perspective that it allowed you time to read. I fear that I would've lost my temper, but your 3 yo is so dang cute, and hey - when they don't feel good, whatever makes them happy, right? The dance bag - no way. I hope someone sorts that out in a hurry and you don't end up with 6 of them on your doorstep.

  11. Oh no, I am sorry Minnie was sick with a bug. Can she (and you) catch a break, for Peet's sake?

    I do hope the internet charges don't go through and just show as pending (and then disappear again). As convenient internet shopping is, technology can also be very annoying.