Monday, January 01, 2024

December: What I Read

 Nothing I read in December made my best list, but a few things came really close!!

The bad:

The River We Remember by William Kent Krueger: This was too mojo dojo casa house for me. **2023

In A Single Moment by Imogen Clark: I mean, this kept my attention, but it was not great. **audio

The pretty good:

The Rosewood Hunt by Mackenzie Reed: This was YA, but I didn't notice that at first, and once I did, I liked it better *2023

Wreck the Halls by Tessa Bailey: This was just OK for me **2023

I Will Find You by Harlan Coben: Same **2023 **kindle

No One Will Miss Her by Kat Rosenfield: Meh, but engorssing. ** audio

The plain old good:

The Paper Wasp by Laura Acampora: This was weird and dark, and I liked it alot. Also, Minnie's teacher recommended it, which makes me feel better about the whole preschool teacher murder book thing. **kindle

Unnatural Death by Patricia Cornwell: The 27th Kay Scarpetta was the best one in YEARS. **2023

A Likely Story by Leigh McMullen Abramson: One of those literary inside baseball books where you sort of hate everyone but root for them anyway. **2023

Check and Mate by Ali Hazelwood: I adore her grown-up books, and I also liked this YA read. **2023

The very good

Something Wild by Hanna Halperin: BEAUTIFUL! SO sad! Wonderful characters-- loved this one. **Audio

The Christmas Orphans Club by Becca Freeman: This was a delightful holiday romance **2023 **audio

The Other Mothers by Katherine Faulkner: Yes yes yes! Murderous moms! School dramZ! Marriage problems-- my fave. **2023 


I Could Live Here Forever by Hanna Halperin: Oh wow. This is a devastating look at opioid addiction, and it is set in Madison, and the characters are grad students. I loved it so much I immediately bought her first book on Audible for cash money even though it’s a few years old, which is very out-of-character for me. **audio **2023

Wellness by Nathan Hill: Loved it! I couldn't tell if the way he got closer and then farther away from his characters as the narrator was just white middle class dude privilege or a literary choice, but I loved it anyway. **2023

This Month:

15 books

11 books published in 2023

7 print, 2 Kindle, 6 audio

This Year:

210 books

120 books published in 2023

113 print, 15 Kindle, and 82 audio


  1. Anonymous6:54 PM

    This is Lisa. I just finished the Orphan’s Club book and loved it! I did not like I Could Live Here Forever as much as you did. I couldn’t get past the horrible decisions the protagonist made!! I might expect too much out of a grad student but I just like - come on! He’s an addict and this relationship is TOXIC!!

    I have debated reading Wellness but heard mixed reviews. I will check it out since you loved it, though!!

    1. She made TERRIBLE choices!!! But they felt really realistic to me

  2. That is too bad about the William Kent Kreuger, as I usually like his books. The only one I haven't liked was The Levee. Also, I had heart that I Could Live Here Forever was good, but I don't have any room on my holds right now! I am going to put it on the shelf as soon as I have space though! Same story for Wellness.

    1. I am SURE that I in the minority on the WKK book

  3. Tessa Bailey! There's always such PROMISE in her books and then it's squandered. MAKE ME A BETA READER, TESSA. I can help you make better books! Her plot ideas are usually fine and her dialogue is good, but there's always something wrong - a missing scene, a bad characterization (where does all Piper's sunniness come from? why is Georgie such a doormat?) - but I think it's all fixable. I just don't know why she doesn't get more help!

  4. I liked the William Kent Kreuger that was Odyssey-themed... But I totally got what you mean by "too mojo dojo casa house for me." LOL

    1. I just could not get into the characters

  5. I see that you explained your ability to read SO much in your previous post. Still - blown away. I'm making a mental note to check out Wellness.