Friday, January 26, 2024

5 on a Friday: The I can’t believe it’s almost a new month edition (4/52)

 1. Harry should find out today if he got into UW-Madison, since he applied early action, and the Reddit rumor mill says they release decisions the Friday before the 1/31 deadline. WHICH IS TODAY. He is an honors student with a super hard AP schedule, a National Honor Society member, a kid with tons of extra curriculars, including sportsball. But. He is definitely on the bubble for UW, and we all have our fingers crossed. (He got into 7 other schools, so he has terrific options).

2. One of my TAs introduced the staff to a get-to-know you game that the kids love playing at dinner (even though we know each other). You say your name and where you’re from (Minnie says she is from upstairs and also school) and then the answer to a question. Everyone else has to guess the question you answered. If someone guesses the wrong question, you have to answer that one, too. So, like you could say lasagna and someone could guess favorite food, but then you would say no it’s my favorite cartoon cat’s favorite food (Garfield) and then tell them your favorite food, too.

3. Errand Friday is making me mad, but I am going to give it a couple more weeks. Since the first week, I have had to run errands midweek out of necessity, although I am saving some returns for today. This week, for example, I had to do a Target pickup after drop off because we were out of Tide and I had to go to the pharmacy for someone’s meds. I missed my dad a lot on the first day of class because I always wear the pretty necklace that my parents got me for PhD graduation on the first day of class, so I channeled that feeling into chatting up the pharmacist at our doctor’s office. She told me I could short fill all our meds to match them up with the one I just filled and sketched out what this would look like for me and also made notes in the kids’ charts. The only draw back is that I will have to pay a full copay for a short fill, but that’s not a drawback at all if it means I only have to run this errand once a month instead of most weeks. Why didn’t I think of this sooner??

4.  I threw some Valentine-looking stuff into a plastic basket I found in the back of a bathroom cabinet and tossed it all on the table, and Minnie clambers up several times a day to make Valentines.

5. We had some crowd-pleaser dinners this week, specifically THESE pot pies (I made three and froze 1), THESE taco salads (I also offered tortillas and made rice for anyone who wanted to slice an avocado and make a bowl— Ben made a salad for the next day’s lunch while I was cleaning up the kitchen, and the kids repurposed leftovers for baked nachos), and THIS sheet pan meal (I doubled the shrimp because I Insta-carted a giant bag from Costco and served with couscous and a big salad). 



  1. 1) Sending good vibes for Harry 2) What a great game! 3) Weeding out extra pharmacy trips is going to feel so good 4) what a sweet, funny Valentine you have 5) TERRIFIC dinner execution!

  2. Nice work on the pharmacy hack! Saving going once a week is priceless. My pharmacy is busy no matter what time of day it is and I always end up standing in line for 20 minutes, even just for a pick up! If you have this same issue you could be saving an hour or more! Woohoo!

  3. I love that game. Need to try that with my fam.

    Also, Minnie's answer is priceless: from upstairs and also school. Too cute.

  4. Aw... I love Minnie's valentines.
    Yes, I would say the pharmacy hack is worth the extra money. I only have to pick up my thyroid meds once a month and even then it's a hassle- I would hate to have to go every week!
    GOOD LUCK TO HARRY! It's crazy how hard it is to get into colleges these days. But I would say he's doing pretty well so far! I can't wait to find out where he decides to go.

  5. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Good luck to harry!!!!!! And I want pot pie now but I actually think it may be a meal my kids bizarrely resist? I guess I can always find out!

  6. You are killing it, Sarah! Killing. It. Good luck to Harry!!!!

  7. Good luck Harry! I look forward to hearing where he decides to go.

    You don't have mail order prescriptions as an option? That's my preference, though for some reason my husband and daughter both go to the pharmacy for their prescriptions. It sounds to me like your solution to only have to go once a month will be worth every penny.

    I love that you wore the necklace from your parents on the first day of the new semester. <3

    I spent my Friday running errands today. I thought about waiting until tomorrow, but I really do enjoy having it DONE before the weekend starts.

  8. Anonymous10:24 AM

    This is Lisa. Good luck to Harry! That was my nephews top choice but he got waitlisted. He got in everywhere else he applied. UW is so competitive! My nephew ended up at the U of M where he is very happy. College application process can be so intense!

    I love your apron! And your meals all sound amazing. I should make the shrimp sheet pan mean for WFH meals! I won’t bring shrimp meals to work because I am not an animal (reheated seafood is such an awful second hand smell).

  9. I am in reading in reverse . . . I still hope Harry gets in but i get that sometimes kids move on to a diff school and hearing about the no longer makes a difference.
    Love the gane at dinner. I plan to borrow that. Our newbies?Will prob love it.

  10. Just a thought... maybe not one DAY for errands, but making sure that when you are in a particular area of town for another reason, you take care of any related errands while there? e.g., if you are on the West side and know you need to return something at a store located there, make sure you have it in the car? Grouping geographically instead of by day of the week? (This is what I, the single person with no children, pets, or other responsibilities, tend to do. Clearly, this may not be relevant to your life. ;))