Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Sick baby, whining, etc

 Welp.  Minnie is missing her second day of school this week as I speak. We had a good January run, my friends. She went to school from 1/3-1/25 with no illness. And then I took her to the library followed by the water park. I mean. I WAS ASKING FOR IT.

I feel like in November, when she started to get sick, I kept sending her back to school when she'd been fever-free for 24 hours and then she would get sick AGAIN. So. This time, she is staying home until she's one million percent better. She has been fever-free since Sunday but just not herself-- tired, pale, whiny, upset tummy etc.

Which is how I came to be working at a table in the hockey lobby at 9 pm last night.

Srsly. Yesterday. SUCH A MONDAY. Home with Minnie trying to work then running kids and going to my meeting and watching the end of dive club then doing the hockey drop and realizing if I just stayed there I could work in peace.

Minnie was a big helper, though.

We also made THESE muffins. Tell none of my big kids they have applesauce and avocado, okay??

Dive practice is no hardship, either. LOOK AT THIS!!
Minnie was FINE FINE FINE when I took 4 kids to Great Wolf Lodge ALL BY MYSELF. (But one of them is a lifeguard, and 2 of them are swim team members, so Minnie was the only scary one). (If you need to go solo to a water park, BRING YOUR OWN LIFEGUARD— even while they were all three in the teeming mass of a wave pool dodging little kids, clumps of hair, and stray bandaids, Jack was playing AND scanning the water for his sibs.) (Also, if you need to go solo to a water park, Great Wolf Lodge is an excellent choice: cleanish, tons of staff, attractions arranged in separate rooms so you can travel as a pack from room to room and then find something fun for every age group within the rooms).

Twinning with the wolf she built at the lobby Build-a-Bear (IT BUILD A WOLF she insists) because I am a sucker
Ready to swim!! (they trashed a suite in RECORD TIME, btw)
LOL, Dorothy
Sweater and swimsuit because WISCONSIN
Garbage lunch, natch
She got knocked over by a giant 150 gallon bucket of water that periodically soaks this climbing gym thing-- VERY WISCONSIN
Somebody give that kid a sandwich!
The crew

Worth the germs?

Also! JULIE! Thank you for the Lancome website tip-- I just bought a moisturizer (I went with the old favorite Renergie and will buy the day cream too) and got a 7-piece makeup bag gift, another lipstick and blush gift AND a full size moisturizer. WHAT.


  1. I need to make some muffins - thanks for the suggestion. My kids love applesauce and avocado, but I feel like they would REVOLT if they knew that I had put them into a "sweet" item. Though they do love avocado in smoothies - it makes them soooo creamy.

    Winter germs. Giant sigh for you, Sarah. But Minnie looks like she's living her best life in many of these pictures. I hope she is 1 million percent better soon <3

  2. That trip to the waterpark looks like so much fun- what a cool place. It was worth the germs (I think?) I hope Minnie feels better soon.

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I loved reading your post and your water park adventure. You are such a brave and fun mom! I hope Minnie feels better soon.

    I wanted to share with you a tip that has helped me a lot when my kids are sick. I use a humidifier with essential oils in their room at night. It helps them breathe easier and sleep better. Plus, it smells amazing. My favorite oils are lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

    Have you ever tried this? If not, you should give it a shot. It might make a difference for your little one.

    Take care,

  4. Oh crap, sorry she's sick again! Poor muffin. BUT it looks like an amazing trip to the waterpark, you are such a fun mom!

  5. Oh, YAY on the Lancome! Now that I'm in their system, I wait for the 30% off sale email and buy BIG versions of my favorites.

    There's a Great Wolf Lodge near my friend's house about an hour from here. It looks like a big boxy hotel from the outside, but the parking lot was FULL so I thought, what is that? Thanks for the info.

    I'm sorry Minnie keeps getting sick. :( When my daughter was young, she used to get ear infection after ear infection. They would say she was better, but then within a month another one would hit. Eventually the doctor put her on a low dose antibiotic for awhile, and it finally cleared up. I hope that's not the situation for Minnie.

  6. Aw, healing wishes for Minnie! The water park pictures look like so much fun though--so worth it?

  7. You are the coolest mom in the entire world. I hope Minnie feels better for a good stretch soon. And, um, that one picture is giving major Accidental Dong, sorry sorry I am the worst.

  8. The dive videos are seriously impressive. I jumped off the high dive over the summer as a pinky promise to prompt the girls to make some promises, and it was SO high. Freaked me out. What happens to us when we get old, because I used to love the high dive?

    How fun that you took them to this indoor water park in the dead of winter. Brrr. It looks like they had a blast, aside from the ice on the knee photo. Build a moose - so cute.

  9. Oh gosh, Minnie, sick again? This has to stop.... the water park looks so fun. I mean where else could you better tire out a bunch of kids?