Saturday, January 27, 2024

Deferred **whomp whomp**

 Harry got a deferred decision from UW and has to report his midterm grades for consideration with the students who applied by 1/15. LOL because he has been living the carefree senior life this year and has 2 B+’s that would have been A’s had he known anyone would care.

Soooooo, he is going to choose from his 4 other faves and forget about UW (even though he will turn in the grades— he is not expecting a spot and is proceeding as if defer means no and feeling pretty ok since he knows a ton of kids who got denied yesterday).

I just want him to make a decision so I can buy ALL OF THE MERCH.

And! I actually want him to attend either one of 2 specific UW system schools that I have wanted him to attend all along because they are well ranked and have selective admissions plus also have faculty teaching courses and are small and undergraduate-student-centered. Like a public SLAC. But! He is really into the University of Minnesota, so we shall see.

IT IS NOT MY DECISION even though I have to spend lots of money on it, so I am (TRYING TO) lean out and follow his lead.

Come on, kid! Wisconsin is your oyster!

ALSO! I took Minnie to the library for 20 minutes to kill time between club diving drop off and high school diving pick up, and SHE IS SICK TODAY. It is the first time we have gone to the library since the whole strep/ear infection/RSV/pneumonia routine, and the first time she has been sick since then. Bah humbug.


  1. Well, crumbs Sarah. Both of these things are bummers. Although it really sounds like Harry has some great options! But I know how disappointing a deferral can feel.

    Hope Minnie feels better QUICKLY. Poor pumpkin.

  2. Bummer for Harry - but I have known people who have been deferred and admitted. That said, pivoting makes a lot of sense! (I am trying to figure out which system campuses you are advocating for...?) And dang it, library. Sigh. Here's hoping it's an 8 hour mini (ha) bug.

  3. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Lisa again. Bummer for Harry! Now that I think about it, I think my nephew also got deferred, not waitlisted. He decided to go elsewhere so never found out the results of a deferral. But the daughters of 2 colleagues - 1 in Nj and the other here in MN - got in after being deferred. So it could work out! But it might be nice to just make a decision! My nephew is super happy at the U here. And if he went here then I could meet you when you come visit him!! :)

  4. Dang, based on what you said about him yesterday, I would have thought he would definitely get in! That makes me uh, less optimistic about mine ever getting in there then. We have a few years to go but UW is definitely on the radar (I'm a UW alum myself and we're locals...), so I'd love for them to have that option. But seems like it's only getting more and more competitive.... I have a local friend whose kids both went to other, easier-to-get-into schools their freshman years and then apparently transferred into UW their sophomore year. I wonder if that's easier then to get in or what? Although I don't really think that chopping up college years at different schools like that is super ideal, IMO, but I guess they had some specific reasons for it in their cases.

    1. I work at one of the non-Madison UW system schools. Our best students are almost all people who were not accepted at Madison and A LOT of them transfer to Madison for their junior and senior years because if they have a 3.2 GPA they are guaranteed admission and they'll have Madison on their degree instead of UW-anywhere else. I am not at all bitter about this. Not at all.

  5. Sigh on both counts. I hope Minnie makes a quick rebound and I'm glad that Harry is feeling okay about the situation (and that he knows lots of other kids that didn't get in). What a fraught experience - I am SO glad I'm beyond that stage myself and if my kids attend Canadian schools it's a pretty low-key process here, I think, compared to the US. Growing up is complicated!!!

  6. Bummer... I hope he is okay? Must feel a tad bit disappointed? And the library ugh I hope Min feels better soon!

  7. Womp womp indeed. Shoot. We have been so busy with the business of fighting our school system that we have not really focused much on college. Reg applied places but we are waiting. Will a college ask him to play? Will he get the Evans? Waiting is hard. Hope Harry lands somewhere that he is pumped about. Poor Minnie. Think spring.

  8. I'm so glad that Harry isn't at all obsessing about the one that got away and seems cool about it. AND His stats are worthy, so he will likely get in if things go right. AND I can see Harry excelling at a big place like UW and UMinn. For many other kids (including my own), smaller SLACs seem like a better fit for finding themselves and their strengths.

  9. Aww poor Minnie! That is tough.

  10. As a librarian I would like to personally apologize for the library/sickness correlation (noooooo). Harry sounds like he is in a great position - this process is so stressful and i can't believe how many times you have to go through it.

  11. I'm sorry Harry was deferred, but knowing a lot of other kids went through the same thing is helpful. I am a big fan of the SLAC, I hope he goes that way. Not that I did, not that my daughter did, but my sister did and simply LOVED it.

    I hope Minnie feels better soon, her poor little cheeks. <3

  12. Oh, bummer! What is wrong with that school??? ; ). Sounds like Harry has lots of good options though and yes, he needs to decide soon so you can buy your hoodie, blanket, bumper sticker, travel mug... etc.
    I'm a day late commenting, so I'm going ahead to today's post to see how Minnie is doing!