Thursday, January 18, 2024

Wednesday: cute and terrible

 Between pajama day and dance class, Minnie’s day was cuter than usual yesterday. MINE WAS THE PITS.

We have left the house in plenty of time for me to be pulling away from Cooper’s school at 8:34 am for WEEKS you guys. Even when I have nowhere to be! At the beginning of the year, I was taking Coop first and then Minnie and Minnie was ALWAYS late—- which is of course no big deal because it’s nursery school. But then! We decided to try it the other way, which I had always been reluctant to do because Minnie is a very firm drop off time, and Coop has a 10-minute window that runs from Minnie’s precise time to 10 mins later. It made more sense to me to make sure Coop was on time and then take Min, but one day I flip-flopped them, and they were BOTH ON TIME!! The key is to drop Minnie off 2 minutes before her time, the second her lovely wonderful teacher opens the classroom door. Then I am literally 4 minutes from Coop’s school, and assuming I can turn left, everything is great. 

Our routine has been SEAMLESS this way the whole time I was on break.

BUT OF COURSE. Yesterday morning. THE FIRST TIME I HAVE TO GO TO CAMPUS, we ran 17 minutes late **head desk** (And it wasn’t even my fault!!!!!! My shit was LOCKED AND LOADED).

Then my classroom was locked, and we had to relocate to a sub-optimal meeting space on another floor of the building.

Then! It took my TAs nearly two hours to amicably sign up for sections. It’s always harder to sign up in the spring than it is in the fall because we teach fewer sections in the spring, and this means schedules can be hard to finagle, etc. BUT TWO HOURS?!?! We also have a younger staff than normal, so most of them are still in coursework, and it’s harder for grad students to schedule teaching around taking classes than around dissertations. But still!

I drew on my mom skillz and walked away to let them handle it themselves. Which they did!!

I rushed to school to collect Minnie after my meeting and rushed home and rushed to take her to dance and then rushed to get Dorothy.

Then I just ran around and fed people and cleaned stuff up and then cleaned it up again when people messed it up and did laundry and did not have time to change sheets and drove kids all over town, etc etc etc etc. HASHTAG LIVING THE DREAM.

I decided these Uggs are practically high heels.


  1. Dude. TWO HOURS? That is ridiculous. I would have been tempted to ask them if they could behave like adults. I'm impressed you walked away. Also, what the heck with the classroom being locked??? Here's hoping it's (relatively) smooth sailing from here. I am kind of dreading next week, although this week is filled with student meetings and everyone has 97 different things going on, and... yeah. Let's just say that yesterday I wound up wondering whether I had a handle on anyone's plans for the semester. (headdesk for sure)

  2. I'm here for Minnie's wardrobe changes. So cute. Yikes, I hate it when a schedule or driving route that works all of a sudden doesn't. When there was construction on the way to Irish dancing a few years ago, I thought I might lose my mind.

    A locked classroom? The TAs scheduling struggles? Kids that keep messing up the same spaces? Is it Friday yet?

  3. I'm sorry for the rough day, but where are Minnie's cute pjs from cause they might fix everything ever?

  4. Sorry reentry was so tough (being late when it's not your fault is really the worst ). Hope the rest of your week looks up!

  5. I want those jammies.

    And yes - reentry is THE WORST.

    And I want Minnie's jammies in my size, please and thank you!

  6. Ugh, what an irritating day!!

  7. As always, you are my hero. Getting through everything with 5 kids, all of that driving and cooking and's a LOT. And yet you bring the joy of it here, along with the realism of how much work it is. <3

  8. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Lisa here. Ugh that sounds like a very rough day. But Minnie’s outfits and hair are adorable! She looks so much older with the pigtails for some reason!!