Monday, February 14, 2022

Monday musings, masks, Vday, etc.

 Actual footage of me working at my desk today.

J/K but not really.

My county just announced that masks are no longer required indoors on March 1, and I am kind of freaking out. I mean, sure, we never go inside places anyway, so who cares, but also YIKES. Especially with baby vaccines a long time coming. It makes me feel like a lot of our options are curtailed, even with Minnie wearing a KN95. Bah humbug.

We had a lovely Valentine date night in on Saturday. I even drank a glass of champagne! Crazy, right? We went shopping by ourselves for fancy snacks and ate them alone without the boys, who usually hang out with us until bedtime. It was… fun.

I even bought new PJs for the occasion

We had the most amazing gluttonous Super Bowl spread and then Harry went to a party and now we have SO MUCH left over. Bonus meal tonight for the kids for sure! I am already eating too much and feeling crappy about it, so not for me because DAMN I AM OLD.

Speaking of old! Minnie loved the half time show:
So much so that she danced right into the wall:

I definitely forgot to make heart-shaped cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and the little kids were kind of pissed about it, to be honest. Old me would have gotten all pissy because I actually did a lot for Vday morning (got cupcakes ready for their class parties, packed up their Valentines and other party supplies, write out cards for everyone, wrapped up gifts, bought everyone a Russel Stover heart-shaped box of chocolates and laid it out at their breakfast seat), but instead I just apologized and braided Dorothy’s hair into a heart. **shrug**

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