Wednesday, February 16, 2022


 I AM THE GRUMPY MONKEY today. GAH. Like, it has been a perfectly fine day— nice, even— and yet I am SO FREAKING GRUMPY. You can always tell that I am in a snit when I don’t post any IG stories in a 24-hour period.

Part of my problem is straight up hormones (ovulation? PMS? WHO THE HELL KNOWS), but part of it is this radiant little cherub, who is sleeping like crap. Last night, she woke up at 12:15 which was like a giant middle finger because I didn’t go to bed until 11. And then she woke up again at 4 and didn’t want to go back to sleep. Finally at 5, I woke Ben up, and he slept on the floor of her room while I went back to sleep. But then I was late because I slept through my alarm and could only work out for 20 minutes which is fine because I walk a lot on campus but… Well. You get it.

Ben sent this (and then one above). Best commute face ever?
I have been trying to implement a specific gratitude practice to combat the grumps. When I think of something crappy, I immediately think of at least 2 things I am grateful for. This has really helped me not give voice to a bad mood. **shrugs**

Much to be grateful for, you know?
I am also trying to assume that everyone around me acts out of good intentions— this is new because I usually assume everyone is an asshole.

On a more practical level— acupuncture, massage, and a hair cut are on the calendar. Phew!

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