Monday, February 28, 2022

February in review/March goals

 Well. I mean. The world seems pretty bleak. It’s hard to reconcile that with the lovely time we’re having in our own little house.

Partially this is because of Minnie. She is a solid 25 pounds of stompy delight. And have I mentioned that she’s interextual? WELL SHE IS. She loves the book Grumpy Monkey, about a monkey who is in a bad mood for no reason. She makes a Grumpy Monkey faces and when she’s feeling grumpy herself, she pounds her chest like the monkey in the story. WELL! The other day, we checked out Regina Is NOT a Little Dinosaur at the library, and she pointed to a picture of the dinosaur looking mad and pounded her chest like Grumpy Monkey. So smart! So cute!

Just in time for hockey season to be over, we have finally settled into a comfortable routine and can manage all of our commitments.

We have made our peace this month with postponing our house search for 6-12 months and have committed to small home improvement projects in the meantime.

School is going pretty well (with some hiccups) for everyone, and we were surprised and delighted by the district’s conservative approach to abandoning masks.

Ben and I have yet to go out together since Minnie was born (and I have yet to sleep through an entire night), but we are finding time to spend with each other and are generally having so much fun with our kids at these particular ages and stages.

We are throwing an at-home birthday party for Dorothy, and I am SO EXCITED about it. 

Work is SO BUSY but also just lovely and so much fun. I am actually excited about the end of masks on my campus because my students are just so darn happy about it.

This is the first moment since the pandemic began that I feel like things are really getting back to normal… just as the world falls apart.

March Goals:

Increase my workout intensity. I did this by accident the other day by ramping my elliptical machine up a level, and… it is something I need to do on the regular.

Track my food intake on My Fitness Pal. 

Wear lipstick.

Spend 1:1 time with Cooper, Jack, and Dorothy, you know, the MIDDLE KIDS.

Gets plenty of 1:1 attention:

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