Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Notes from a snow day!

 We watched basically every other school district within 100 miles of us cancel school Monday night, but our kids' district was silent. The boys were pretty angry about it when they went to bed, and I will admit, I was annoyed as well. I mean, lots of Madison teachers have little kids and live in other (cancelled) districts AND our district is short on teachers and subs thanks to the pandemic. So it didn't seem possible that we'd have school Tuesday just based on projected staff absences alone--not to mention the ICE STORM that was raging outside.

When I woke up at 1 am Tuesday morning to feed Minnie (SHE HAS STARTED EAKING UPO EVERY 2 HOURS AND IT'S MURDER-- but very warm and snuggly murder) and get a jump start on the day's Wordle, there was a text from the district cancelling school. BECAUSE DUH.

My annoyance completely faded by 7 because the kids found out by watching the crawl on the bottom of the morning news, and that is a SUPER RETRO way to find out. They were thrilled, and we had such a fun day.

Jack made his wonderful cookies (he makes THE BEST chocolate chip cookies). Harry and Cooper turned the hockey rink into a curling... area? Not sure what you call curling ice. Minnie and Dorothy played with kinetic sand. We all lazed around during nap time. Harry got to slide down the street and celebrate his friend's 16th birthday (a snow day is a great bday gift). I made spaghetti sauce from scratch, and the kids played trivia for our elementary school (and got some questions wrong and turned on each other in a way that was HILARIOUS).

Basically, I adored our day, and I think they did, too.

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