Wednesday, February 09, 2022


 We saw the best 10U hockey game EVAR on Sunday.

Coop's team was playing for the regional championship and a state tournament slot. We really wanted them to win because the state tournament for their age group and level is IN MADISON and that never happens. (Well, ok, it happened when Harry was a Squirt, but I mean, VERY RARE is what I am saying). 

To get to the regional final, they won a game on Friday and a game on Saturday, which really helped build up the tension of the weekend. By Sunday morning, the kids had devoted basically their whole weekend to hockey, and they wanted the big payoff. They had never played the team they were facing, and it turned out the two teams were very evenly matched.

Like VERY.

The game was scoreless (with many shots on goal on both sides) until the very end of the second period when the other team scored. Our kiddos were pretty demoralized. A couple minutes into the third period, though, COOPER SCORED to tie the game. (He later told us that he and his BFF both cried after his goal which is adorable). Minutes later, the other team scored again to go up 2-1. By this point, there were only 2 minutes left, so our team pulled the goalie (not just a birth control metaphor, apparently). And with 1:34 left before the final buzzer, COOPER SCORED AGAIN!

They played two scoreless 8-minute overtime periods before getting 6-kids deep in a shootout when, finally, Coop's team won 5-4.


The rest of the kids were home with Harry who kept texting to ask if we were ever coming home. LOL.

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