Friday, February 11, 2022

More complaints

 I really want to be asleep right now because the world’s crabbiest toddler is asleep, and her naps are inversely proportional to her moods (did I say that right? I meant the crabbier she is the shorter she sleeps), but I wrote in my goddamn planner that I would blog three times this week, and if my planner says it, then I do it.

So some various things:

I thought that I would just stop taking birth control and get instantly skinny **pause for laughter**

I am so over everyone who is over the pandemic. Like, you guys! I also want my kids to be able to be mask-free, but I want them to BE ABLE to be. I don’t just want the loudest voices to demand it and officials to acquiesce because politics. Yes, the virus WILL BE endemic, but right now, too many people are dying for us to think that way. ESPECIALLY since baby vaccines have been delayed until at least April. GAH.

Jack did not have school today, and he made the best cookies in the world (and let’s just circle back to item #1). I would link the recipe, but I did not ask him for it on purpose because so not at my idea weight for these pants/any pants/ who needs pants anyway.

Do you love how busy the is? I love how busy she is.

Ready to teach! These 3M masks are the best
Eating other, lesser cookies from earlier in the week

Little hockey player

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