Thursday, February 10, 2022

Library for Minnie! Like Before Times! (Almost)

 Minnie wore a mask! Inside the library! For like 15 minutes. Then she ripped it off and stuck her fingers in her mouth but baby steps! And no, she is under 2 and exempt from mask orders, but I figured if she would wear one, why not? After she took it off, she explored the empty teen area and just sort of ran around the adult room aimlessly. It was fun and so normal(ish).

Then she came home and took a FORTY FIVE MINUTE NAP ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
I had to work, so she watched some Frozen and TOOK OFF HER DIAPER AND PEED ON THE FLOOR for some reason.
But there was warm banana bread for snack, so that was awesome.
She loves when the big kids finally get home.

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