Thursday, February 03, 2022

Sleep probs, moods, etc


Okay. So. I have been dealing with insomnia again-- like I haven't had for YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS. It's the kind where I can fall asleep just fine, but once I wake up, I can't go back to sleep. I think it started gradually and then I increased my caffeine intake because my sleep was off and then that made me less able to fall asleep and then bam! Here we are.

The other night, Ben got up to use the bathroom at 2:45 and I jerked awake and stayed that way until like 90 minutes before my alarm. Then the next night, Minnie woke up at 12:50, and I didn't fall back to sleep until 3:15. Then she woke up again at 3:31 and I was up until the 5's. waking for the day at 6:09 when she woke up again.

On Tuesday, I decided no caffeine after 10 am, but then Minnie woke up at 11:50 and would not settle back down. That's when I called uncle and told Ben I needed to sleep. He got up without complain, grabbed a couple pillows and blanket, and camped out on her floor. I turned off the monitor and fell asleep mid worry that I would never fall asleep again and woke up SEVEN FULL HOURS LATER, which was both awesome and horrifying, because it meant I had like 32 minutes to leave the house and take Harry to school if I wanted to be on time for my office hours. WHICH I DID WANT. And I was! But kind of dressed like Ma Ingalls meets Michelle Duggar. Which, now that I type it out, is my go-to lewk.

Another change I made was to stop taking the mini-pill. This was a tough call because it has really leveled out my moods, and that's no small thing. But! I think it also is making me not sleep, and I have acne! (Which is not a good look for a middle-aged woman). I'm going to give it a month, try to get into my HMO for a massage, and sort of track my moods and sleep to see what happens. And research says it doesn't actually cause weight gain, but my fingers are so fat I might have to get my weddings rings re-sized, and that's not cool, you guys.

Back to sleep for a hot second before I forget! Not only is Minnie;'s night sleep in tatters, but she is DROPPING HER MORNING NAP! I had hoped that would lead to an even better afternoon nap, but so far it's WORSE.

Happier times:

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