Friday, February 18, 2022

Welcome to the World, Minnie

 SO. My campus is dropping masks. My county is dropping masks. They haven’t announced yet, but I am 99% sure my kids’ school district is dropping masks. And in a stunning reversal, I SIGNED MIINIE UP FOR THE LITTLE GYM starting next week.

This week, we started taking her out for small adventures—the library, the grocery store, the shoe store, another cheese-focused grocery store (I freaking love Wisconsin). And she LOVES these little trips so much. Last year, it was no big deal to keep her home. I mean, where else should babies even go? But now that she is more toddler than baby, I think she really needs to see the world as safely as we can show it to her. We already decided no 2 year-old preschool since baby vaccines are still not a thing, so in the meantime, we are going to be back on the Big! Red! Mat!

Cross your fingers that no one gets the vid. 

SUCH a helper, you guys

She wore her mask the whole time (and she even says mask)
She walked into Stride Rite in her size 3 Uggs and walked out in size 6 wide gym shoes. OOPS.

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