Saturday, February 05, 2022

6 on Saturday

 (Remember back in the glory days of blogs-- when they were stories and not constant ads??-- when people did 5 on Friday and it wasn't just a bunch of affiliate links? Well, let's do that! Only Saturday because I started this post yesterday and LIFE)

  1. V-day is coming! What to buy the kids? I always get everyone a small delight, but I feel like since the pandemic happened, I do that every time I see something they might like. So, I am kind of out of delights. Which is basically everyone's motto for pandemic living: ALL OUT OF DELIGHTS. Anyone got any terrific valentine gift ideas for a baby, a couple of elementary schoolers, and a couple of teens?
  2. I am baking about 3 dozen cookies a day and they are disappearing so fast. Related: current attempt to be more mindful about my eating and maybe lose a few pounds is not going super well.
  3. Minnie is sleeping better ( WHY DO I EVEN SAY THESE THINGS? ) but more importantly, I am sleeping better. No mini-pill= no insomnia THANK GOODNESS
  4. To Paradise is absolutely incredible. I listened to it on the Libby app, but I think I will buy a copy because I want to track down loose threads and annotate it. If you have read it, let's talk.
  5. Minnie is in 2T clothes, and to make myself feel less sad about the disappearance of my baby (she is really not mini, actually), I busted out all my toddler favorites from Dorothy and from the boys, and getting her dressed is a joy.
  6. I just ran into Jack who is still in his pajamas, and he said, "I am living my best life. It's Saturday," and GOOD FOR HIM
Total toddler:
Thinks she's Elsa because the glass is frosty
"Cooking" with a muffin and some water
Dorothy's sweatshirt from Disney
Baby in a box:

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  1. Aaron7:15 PM

    I'm thinking a delightful Valentine's surprise for the whole family is a sweet little puppy! :)