Thursday, February 24, 2022

And just like that... screen time (sigh)

 I showed the kids Center Stage, and they did not love it, and now I don't even know what to think about them. IT IS THE BEST DANCE MOVIE OF ALL TIME.

Minnie is addicted to Frozen, and it is astounding how fast we went from people who never let our toddler have a screen to people who let our toddler watch Frozen. Both Frozens, actually, because she specifies with her fingers whether she wants to want 1 or 2.

I blame Disney+, really. We always had the TV on in the basement when other kids were home because they were generally watching TV, and Minnie never even glanced at it. Ben and I also watch the news every morning in bed with Minnie, and she reads books or flips through Chatbooks picture albums without any interest in the glowing talking box.

But then. One day. Dorothy, in a fit of nostalgia, turned on Frozen. At first, Minnie was only into the music and stopped playing during the songs to dance. We thought this was really cute, so we started playing the songs for her on Alexa. She also got a Fisher Price Elsa castle and some really awesome wooden Frozen blocks for Christmas, along with a ride-on toy and a blue tooth mic-- not because she was a fan but because SO MANY toddler toys are just plastered with Anna and Elsa. We also unpacked Dorothy's 2T clothes and found, um, a lot of Anna and Elsa prints.

Well, as you might imagine, listening to the songs became watching the songs became watching the movie became watching the second movie, and now she is the biggest Frozen fan in the universe.

Here I am actively encouraging her to watch Encanto so at least I can listen to something else, ie BEING A TERRIBLE PARENT.

Screen-free life was good (and so delightfully smug) while it lasted.

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