Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Water Baby!

 No, she likes it, I swear!

Our county dropped all of its orders today because case counts are so low and vaccination rates are so high. I am thrilled about this, but also IT IS SCARY.

Cooper had a fever, chills, body aches, etc, so we got him (and his sidekick Dorothy) a COVID test. They are both negative, and Cooper bounced right back, but it made me worry about the upcoming school year, mainly because the kids will certainly pick up random bugs, and it will be a whole THING. Like, staying home, wearing masks inside, getting a COVID test and following that protocol until the results come back. And we have it easy-- good healthcare,  flexible jobs, etc. AND IT IS STILL A PAIN IN THE ASS. Can we count on other parents to have the same level of follow through?

It's a shift in thinking-- to go from being so freaked out that anyone was going to get it to realizing that we have taken all possible steps to protect ourselves and getting COIVD likely won't be the end of the world, you know? Still, I am happy they were negative, of course.

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