Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Stackable Rings and Other Memory Jewelry

 Recently, a dear friend of mine lost her dog who has been her companion of many years. Immediately, a group of friends sprang into action, trying to decide how we could help her through a difficult time. Since we are all college friends who live far apart from each other, it's hard to physically be present in times of need. One friend was able to drive in and take photos to commemorate the dog his last weekend, but the rest of us wanted to express our support with a gift of some kind. Right away, we thought about memory jewelry, and we were shocked to see just how many options exist.

For years, I have sort of poo-pooed sentimental jewelry, thinking, maybe, that it is too "mom-like," but 43 must be the age that mom-like stops being a bad thing because I have been thinking out using memory jewelry for myself as well, as a way to have a wearable reminder of all of these kids, besides the stretch marks. (J/K-- I ACTUALLY HAVE NO STRETCH MARKS, but my tummy is jello, so there's that).

Anyway, into the rabbit hole I went.

In terms of non-mom mom jewelry, these stackable rings from AU-Rate are the clear winner.

I think my favorite thing would be to do 5 of these:

Stackable Rings AU-Rate

But all of the stacking rings are so cute that 5 different rose gold rings in a stack would be good, too.

To commemorate a lost pet OR to really get literal about the mom jewelry thing, Lisa Leonard stackable rings are clutch.

Not going to lie, I really love these in white gold:

I also really dig the look of these necklaces, even though it's hard for me to get behind the letter necklace trend. If I had to choose, I would go with Tiny Tags
I guess whatever I choose needs to be tiny since I need to wear ALMOST A HALF DOZEN OF THEM, and it's not like I could just leave one kid off. SO I guess the old tip about getting dressed and removing a piece of jewelry doesn't apply.

After getting sucked down an Etsy vortex of jewelry made from pet cremains, we decided our friend should pick out her own memory jewelry to remember her sweet companion because the options are limitless. Still, I think memory jewelry-- particularly stackable rings-- is a terrific way to be sentimental and mom-like, but still retain a sense of your own style.

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