Friday, June 11, 2021

Designing our summer

I put all of the kids' summer stuff (swim team, dive team, tournament baseball, water ballet) on the calendar and almost quit everything. I know we will get into a new normal, but I swear to you, I feel nostalgic for the school year already.

At least my routine was predictable.

Here is Minnie scratching her ear with Dorothy's shoe. **shrug**
I really need to remember to bring her some clothes.
By this time next month, we will have slid into a new normal. I know this! But right now, I wonder how we are going to get everyone where they need to be and stay sane and mind the nap schedule as also do a little work plus also exercise. GAH. Wish us  luck!

We are doing Summer at Hogwarts-- home school style. We're starting with Care of Magical Creatures and plan to also do a Herbology unit, some arithmancy (MATH) and lots of reading. We also developed themes for our days:

Minecraft Monday (I have to grade for 2 summer classes, so hopefully this will help)

Cold Treat Tuesday: So many ice cream shops and smoothie places to try!

Water Wednesday: Sprinkler! Blow up pool! Splash pads!

Library Thursday: No alliteration

Fun Fun Friday: NO idea what will make it fun! fun! But we shall see...

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