Sunday, June 20, 2021

Weekend Update

 We had a date night. It was a dream, even though we just went to the restaurant by our house really fast for a late dinner after we put the kids to bed. It has been... a long time since just the two of us went out.

But, I mean, she's worth not getting out much. LOOK AT HOW SWEET SHE IS OMG.
She is also the messiest eater in the universe, even though she can only eat tiny little pieces of food because if I give her normal size pieces, she shoves it all in her moth and chokes.

Lots and lots of sink baths:
Jack and Coop had their first dive meet! (Technically Dorothy is also on the team, but she is still working her way up to five dives)

Jack WON HIS AGE GROUP and got a personal best score. As you can see, he was stoked:
And this guy! At his very first meet! Got second place in his age group! He was so, so, so proud of himself.
Ben is not pictured because he was the announcer, something he volunteered to do for all home meets this season. Love it!

Ben and Cooper rounded out the holiday weekend with a baseball tournament, which is the most perfect Father's Day activity I can even think of. HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!?


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