Monday, June 07, 2021

Cheers to weekends!

 How cute that they?

I had to take all of the children to baseball tonight, and I was really dreading it. But! I got them Culvers for dinner and fed Minnie applesauce and yogurt while she hung out in her stroller, and it was... fine? It made me think about how many times that very same night would have already played out if it wasn't for COVID. File under silver linings.

My mom and aunt came to visit last weekend, and I took ZERO pictures. But! We had fun and went to the pool which was a raging shit show. SO MANY DRUNK PEOPLE! So much food all over the deck. THERE WERE PEOPLE WITH COOLERS. I mean.

I am so happy that Minnie loves the pool because I do not have a backup plan.

Also, listen, I really need a long-sleeved swimsuit
Cheers to more days like this!

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  1. Target has some cute long sleeve swimsuits that I've been eyeing, but I can't decide if I would be bugged by the sleeves or not. Dorothy's is adorable though!