Saturday, June 12, 2021

Dance recital day!

 We kept Dorothy home in Zoom dance school until mid-April, and ever since she went back to the studio, she has been the happiest kid in the world. Today was her dance recital, and we were so, so proud of her. She made so much progress, especially since she got off Zoom.

The recital was outdoors, and Dorothy was the only kid in a mask, which I thought was nuts. But I let her take it off because it was 60,000 degrees outside, and her costumes both had jackets.

Ben stayed home with Minnie, and the boys and I sat on the face of the sun to watch. (And fight-- they fought SO MUCH)

Speaking of dancing! Minnie is in love with Lizzo's "Good as Hell" and dances every time she hears it. I took a short video, but these pics are hilarious:

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