Saturday, June 26, 2021

I wouldn't call this a photo dump

... But I wouldn't not call it a photo dump, either.

We are back at the park, and boy has Dorothy missed it 

Pandemic baby goes nowhere, so when she does leave the house we take a picture
These guys are at the pool almost all day every day
Meanwhile, Minnie and I run a pool taxi service
She's a menace
But a super cute one
Every meal ends in a sink bath these days
Jack, when he was announced as the dive meet winner in his age group
Pandemic dress for a Saturday meeting
It's baseball tournament season
Dorothy played with oatmeal, cornstarch, sprinkles, and cinnamon for HOURS
This chalking craze that swept the pandemic only made it to our driveway last week

DOWN TOWN AGAIN. I have missed this view
Ready for swim practice


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