Sunday, June 27, 2021

My book club came over!

 TO my house!

It was glorious-- so much more fun than Zoom book club.

Then the boys and I made 10pm cookies, so I got nothing. EXCEPT! These pictures of Minnie eating **shrug**

Goals for this week:

SO. MUCH. GRADING. (My goal is to do it all)

A few errands for my brother's upcoming visit (so excited!)

Work on hiring a fall staff

Try to get at least one pool afternoon in

Finish an audio book and 2 real books (I HAVE NO TIME TO READ THESE DAYS, so this goal is lofty, to be sure)

Be intentional about using sheet masks (I can't remember to do this-- WHY?)

DO SOMETHING with Harry Potter homeschool. Except for reading the books and playing Trivia at dinner, we have sucked at this.

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  1. I am trying to be better about an actual skincare routine too! I've designated Sunday nights as my sheet mask night. It kind of takes the sting out of the end of the weekend