Friday, June 25, 2021

Cold! Treat! Wednesday!

 Kelsey from the Girl Next Door podcast and Rising Shining shared on Instagram that she and her kids are doing "cold treat Wednesday" this summer where every Wednesday, they try a new place for ice cream or smoothies, etc. I though this was a greta idea and promptly stole it. We planned to do it on Tuesdays, but the way our weeks are shaking out, Wednesdays work better.

As an aside-- here are the other days-- Minecraft Monday (the only day of the week they can use their iPads), New Park Tuesday, Cold Treat Wednesday, Library Thursday, and Fun Fun Friday (where we pick from a grab bag-- and there are some WEIRD choices in that bag).

So far, cold treat Wednesday is a GENIUS idea-- low key, easy to squeeze in to a packed day, and a whimsical way to get us over the middle of the week.

Week 1 saw us at The Chocolate Shoppe, a perennial fave:

Week 2 found us at Icki Sticki (eating Chocolate Shoppe)

And this week! THIS WEEK! We went to the Terrace.

This summer is my 18th in Madison, meaning when it is over, I will have lived here longer than I have lived anywhere, and last summer was the only one that was Terrace-less. I missed it so much that I almost cried when we rounded the corner and saw the lake and the rainbow chairs and all the happy people.

Lake Mendota! We missed you!
Memorial Union-- I almost sobbed.
Yay for ice cream!
They barely make a mess anymore
She wanted a picture in all the big chairs, but we couldn't find green.

Best view in town!

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