Monday, June 21, 2021

Big Baby

Minnie is doing SO MANY NEW THINGS all of the sudden.

For example, she is walking with her push toy (It really helped when we moved it downstairs to the carpet. Actually, after MONTHS of complaining that the wifi sucks in Minnie's room while I work on her floor as she played with her toys, I MOVED A BUNCH OF TOYS DOWNSTAIRS and she plays while I sit at the FREAKING TABLE in a CHAIR LIKE AN ADULT.  Talk about an epiphany!)
She is experimenting with FEEDING HERSELF WITH A SPOON!
She can suddenly stand up, and she does it ALL OF THE TIME
Even when it's probably not at all safe

She smiles for all selfies:

This morning, I heard her calling mamamamamama, and I found her STANDING UP in her bed!
And then she did this! Crawled to the door and stood up to wave at the boys on their dog walk.

 How is she this big this fast?? I mean, THIS was her ONE YEAR AGO:

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