Thursday, February 11, 2021


 Like, for real, I wanted to blog more this year. But also, I am spending every second of every day WORKING MY FACE OFF. So much working! YOU GUYS! The working!

I think it feel like more work because I am home with the kids 24/7. Also, I just walked into Harry and Jack;'s room with a stack of laundry, and Harry was on the dorkiest little Zoom with friends from his science class making fun of each other while they solved math problems, and I love it so much, It almost makes me miss when the kids had friends over IRL.

Aggressive twinning

SO BUSY. She sometimes has a hard time figuring out what's toy and what's mat-- maybe she got my depth perception?

Maybe I forget to blog because I have nothing to whine about. Minnie is a delight.

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