Thursday, February 18, 2021

Last baby/first baby

This room is pretty much my office.  Usually, I have 3 co-workers: Dorothy and Cooper torturing me with second and third grade math and Minnie playing with all of the toys. I was a good math student, but second grade extension math is really my sweet spot. Cooper's regular stuff is a stretch, and then there I am googling the third grade extension answers. Neat.
Minnie licks all of the things.
She really is loving food, and I am loving making it for her.

 I just looked back at all of our other 6-month-olds, and Dorothy was CRAWLING. Even Cooper was scooting, and Jack could sit steadily enough that we let him destroy the tupperware cabinet. Minnie and Harry were slower than the rest of them-- maybe because they get carried the most?

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