Monday, February 22, 2021

Monday goals-- they're pretty lofty

 This is the age in baby development when I always start to slack on the baby book. And then because I am slacking, I slack some more and suddenly, I am using time at home during a global pandemic to finish it when the baby is 7. But not this time! This time! I am GETTING BACK ON TRACK THIS WEEK. What does that mean exactly? It means that Dorothy and I are going to fill in the actual book, and we are going to tape in month 5 pictures AND print pictures from month 6. For the first 4 months of Minnie's life, I printed monthly pictures THE DAY AFTER her birthday, but then in month 5, I waited a week and STILL haven't gotten them in the book. And now it's like a whole Hanukkah since she turned 6 months. GAH.

I am declaring this fail publicly because I want to fix it! I WILL FIX IT.  This week, even.

Also on tap for this week: 

At least 5 pomodoros (I know my February intention was 6, but that is just not happening)

Record POTY, FFS (we are changing software, and we just negotiated a hardware change and new routines are HARD especially when you are working on little sleep and even smaller snatches of time)

YOGA. I don't know when or where or how often, but I am sleeping in really tortured positions once Minnie comes to bed with hem, and it's KILLING my old lady hips and knees.

Prepare live Zoom sesh I have with a bunch of public speaking students tomorrow afternoon (super excited about this and have been working on it for awhile-- I just need to decide on the final order of things and if I am going to share my screen and show slides or if that's a snooze)

SO. MUCH. GRADING. This is the first semester I have taught a class too small for a TA in YEARS. I have a grader thank goodness, but for the first time in forever, I am also responding directly to student work. On the one hand, I love it because I miss students. On the other hand, it is such hard work. God bless graduate students.

I also want to tweak Minnie's schedule. It would be SO GREAT to put her to bed at 7:30, not 8, because she is waking up around 7:15-7:30 every morning. Unfortunately, 3 things stand in the way: Her last nap of the day is kind of late because it is based on her other 2 naps, so I have to go on my walk (her first nap) earlier. I am just not done cleaning the kitchen after dinner in time for an earlier bedtime because I like to shower before starting the bedtime routine (otherwise, I am showering last, and I don't want a cold shower, thanks). And finally, any time her head touches her crib mattress before 8:25 (we are sitting in her chair to rock and nurse by about 8:05 most nights), she treats bedtime like a 4th nap and wakes up around 9:15 to hang out for a bit before sleeping all night in my bed with me. This is not as great at the nights she goes down at 8:30 and sleeps in her bed until long after I have gone to sleep, you know? BUT! How great would a 7:30 bedtime and stretch of sleep into the wee hours be? SO GREAT. That's the dream, friends.

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